Welcome to my little corner on the Web.


Dazee's Garden is a metaphor for my life.  It's a place I can be free to be me. A place where I can share my love of God, relieve stress, express my feelings, relive old memories, contemplate wisdom, be silly, and explore creativity. 

Dazee's Garden offers nothing for sale...everything here is free and made for sharing. In return, I only ask that you bless the ones around you with random acts of kindness.

Please forgive the mess, I'm in the process of planting my garden and many of the links may not work yet. 
Flowers Weeds
Family and friends are the flowers in my garden. Enjoy a collection of stories and happy memories. Every garden has its share of weeds. This section contains personal stories of heartbreak, grief, and tragedy.
Secret Garden Fertilizer
What secret fears, dreams, and visions are kept hidden in the depth of a woman's heart? I'm not telling...or am I?. Every garden needs a healthy dose of fertilizer to grow. Humor is the fertilizer in my garden of life.
Gardening Tips Garden of Stones
Faith-based stories, tips and wisdom for keeping a garden (life) happy and healthy A memorium and tribute to those that are loved and lost.
Flower Shoppe About the Gardener
Explore pictures of the flowers in my garden Meet the the "real" Dazee