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July 24th, 2014

When I was a little girl, I remember mama and me, on chilly afternoons, laying down for naps under the comforting weight of her old quilt. Before drifting off to sleep, I would look at the exquisite blocks and trace my fingers across the stitches as mama told me of their makers.

The quilt had been a gift from mama's friends on her wedding day. Each block had been painstakenly embroidered and autographed with stitches, pieced together with love and friendship.

Over twenty years of use and many washings had faded the bright floss into soft pastel colors, but the memories of mama's friends never faded from her mind.

"These roses were embroidered by my sister, who was also my best friend...your Aunt Mabel," Mama said, "Her middle name was Rose and she loved roses, too."

"Where is Aunt Mabel now, Mama?" I asked.

"Mabel went to live with the angels many years before you were born," Mama replied, "You remind me so much of her, with your blonde hair and hazel eyes...and you act silly like she did, too."

"What about this pretty little hummer bird, Mama? Who made this one?"

"My friend, Faye," Mama answered. "We used to sit on the old porch swing together and share our dreams. A beautiful, red-headed hummingbird would visit us there and listen to our secrets."

"This butterfly was made by Marilyn Towne," Mama told me, "Marilyn was such a dear friend and that's why I named you, Marilyn...after her."

And so the stories of friends long ...